5 Things That Cannot Be Done In The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

When you are in your third trimester of pregnancy, you are at a point when you are extremely frustrated because you have very little energy to move around. The third trimester begins after your 28th week of pregnancy. You are always feeling warm, and you are basically looking forward to the big day. This is the time when the third trimester feels like you have been pregnant forever. However, you must hang in there because you will be delivering your baby before you know it. And, that also means in the third trimester you need to take extra precautions, you need to be careful with certain things that you could get away with during the first and the second trimesters. Let’s look at 5 things you cannot do in the third trimester so you can allow your baby to finish baking safely.

Go To The Sauna – It is not advisable to go into a sauna during any stage of your pregnancy. However, it is the least safe during the third trimester. The reason for this is because the exposure to too much heat will increase the internal temperature in mom which can be quite dangerous for the baby. That means you will want to forgo the sauna until after the baby is born.

Sleep On Your Back – It may be preferable to sleep on the back if it is comfortable, but that is really not recommended to do in the third trimester. That is because not only will it cause mom to be incredibly uncomfortable but that also gets into the way of proper circulation. That means the baby will not get all of the nutrients through the blood which can be harmful. The best sleeping position is on mom’s left side with her legs bent. This way, that allows the circulation to be proper so that the baby and mom get the nutrients and oxygen through the blood.

Lifting Heavy Objects – Not only does lifting heavy objects in the third trimester increase the chances of early delivery but it also more likely can increase the severity of lower back pain which will be incredibly painful. Unfortunately, that means you can no longer lift your older child if you have one, or your pet unless you have a small cat or small dog like a Yorkshire terrier or a Chihuahua. You can snuggle with them instead on the sofa or on the bed in order to bond with them. But no more lifting. That also means to have someone else do your grocery shopping for you if you have a lot of items to buy and just pay them back unless your partner can do that.

Eating Large Meals – If you were one of the lucky ones that was able to overcome pregnancy sickness from the first trimester by the time you entered your second, your appetite likely was insatiable. You probably ate everything under the sun. However, once you enter the third trimester, then that has to change. You are unable to eat nearly as much as you once did, and you will need to settle for consuming small portions or else you will end up with severe heartburn and even nausea. The good news is though, once you take a break from eating, you will get hungry again and can enjoy more of your meal a little later. But eating everything in one sitting is just not going to be doable in the third trimester anymore.

Being Somewhere Where A Bathroom Is Not Accessible – Let’s face facts, when you are in your third trimester, you are going to be doing #1 a lot more than you did when you were in your second trimester. However, you are going to be finding that you will have to get to the bathroom every 10 minutes. That means, wherever you go, you will need to go somewhere where a bathroom is accessible. You will be in big trouble otherwise if there isn’t one and holding it in won’t be an option either. Leaking is inevitable during the last months of pregnancy. With that said, you will be wise to invest in some pads for that reason! Those 5 things that you cannot do in the third trimester are things that every pregnant woman must take seriously. Yes, this is the time when pregnancy becomes hard again like it was in the first trimester for different reasons (but some may be similar). However, just remember, if this is you right now, your baby will be coming very soon so hang in there! It won’t be forever!