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Fredericksburg to New Jersey – Up close with Bon Jovi

On Thursday, July 25, I drove back to my hometown in New Jersey to attend the Bon Jovi “Because We Can” concert with my super cool rockstar status mom, yep, aka “grandma!” Grandma treated her only daughter to VIP style attendance with our favorite band of all time! It was so exciting, and memorable, ladies. I just had to bring back some photos to share with you all! I’m a true jersey girl and will always be proud of that. Bon Jovi delivered some major vocals, moves, sweat, and million dollar smiles! I started in pit seating but eventually made my way up to row 1. I even got to shake Jon’s hand when he was on the catwalk. Hope you enjoy this post!

bon jovi vip meadowlands 2013

bon jovi meadowlands concert 2013

bon jovi meadowlands concert 2013

Fredericksburg Coffee Shop Hosts Fun Family Events

For those Fredericksburg locals unfamiliar with Blackstone Coffee, it’s located in the new Eagle Village Shopping Center, which is just between Mary Washington University and it’s affiliated hospital.  Here are just a few great reasons to stop by and hang out with the entire family at  Fredericksburg’s newest favorite coffee shop.  

blackstone coffee

Several weeks ago, Blackstone Coffee began “Tuesday Morning Story Hour” to give community children some organized entertainment while we Moms (and Dads) kick back on one of the extra large and comfy arm chairs with a cup of delicious “in house” roasted coffee and/or one of the homemade desserts personally prepared by Chef Elan.  For some time now, I’ve been stopping by with my children when we’re out and about in Fredericksburg.  This past Friday, I brought the kids in for a smoothie sampling – what a treat that was for them!  I’m now beginning to think my boys enjoy this locally owned business as much as I do.  

little kids sitting on arm chairs

Kudos to Blackstone Coffee for brewing up an excellent selection of coffee products and assorted pastry products but, most importantly, for being such a child-friendly business so we parents can start the morning off right!  They aren’t just a morning spot either.   Tonight , they’re hosting local guitarist and song writer, Justin Richters, from 7 to 9pm. Check out Blackstone’s Facebook page for events.   Read More…

Fredericksburg’s Outdoor Summer Concert Event

We came, We saw….HE sang, AND he didn’t sign any autographs! Yep, Darius Rucker (a/k/a “Hootie”) graced Fredericksburg with his live performance at Celebrate Virginia Live’s outdoor concert pavilion near Central Park. It’s my understanding that this is Celebrate Virginia’s 2nd year hosting concerts here in the Fredericksburg area, where last Friday a few thousand folks gathered in an as yet undeveloped piece of commercial property to hear live country music.

Darius Rucker performing live in Fredericksburg

To my surprise, I found a blog article written two years ago to the month describing the venue as the same underdeveloped piece of land.

When I heard Darius Rucker was going to headline one of the summer’s concert series, I immediately dished out $40 for a Gold Circle seat, hoping to get the most out of his performance and my “date night.” According to some locals, the concerts at this venue typically start at 6:00 pm and end before 10:00 pm.

Held last Friday night, my husband and I purposely arrived late because we had no interest in seeing the opening act, Mickie James. As it turned out, our decision was for nothing since James bailed anyway, no doubt due to the threat of severe thunder storms moving through the Fredericksburg area that evening. NOTE TO FUTURE CONCERT ATTENDEES – concerts are not cancelled due to weather and refunds are not given. Once you purchase tickets, plan on going to the show, rain or shine. In the event a band decides to back out, or is simply unable to make the show, no refunds or promises of a make-up date will be given. Check Celebrate Virginia Live’s website for additional information.

Darius Rucker performing live

Darius Rucker really rocked the Burg! We thoroughly enjoyed the entire performance from beginning to end, however, the concert venue itself was just pathetic. A few hours prior to the start of the concert, Fredericksburg got BLASTED with major rain storms. Because the venue was physically located out in a semi-grass, semi-dirt field, patrons walked, danced and stood in varying amounts of red clay, muddy goo, and dirty water.
ANOTHER NOTE TO FUTURE CONCERT ATTENDEES – be prepared, depending upon the weather, to stand in what I just described, i.e., boots, galoshes, old sneakers…you get the point. Nice shoes, sandals are a definite no-no. You’ll also need to park on the street to prevent a trip to the car wash immediately after the concert. That is, unless you want to test out your vehicle’s “4 Wheelin Skills!” The pavilion grounds need to be completely covered with thick, full grass and/or small stones to alleviate this not-insignificant issue. I am not a landscaper so my words should be taken more as a suggestion or at least a good starting point. Having only seen photos and video, I had to wonder if this was what Woodstock concert goers experienced back in the day.

I greatly appreciate the effort being made to provide Fredericksburg residents and it’s visitors with popular live music, however, there needs to be some aggressive “fine tuning” done before I revisit this particular venue again. Lots of level grass, stone, or some other type of suitable surface would be a fantastic start to providing Fredericksburg with a true summer (all weather) outdoor concert venue, to see and hear “world-class” musicians perform their greatest hits.